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Desktop virtualization or VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) delivers on-demand desktops to users anytime, anywhere, on any device. Employees have full access to their complete business desktop from all devices, home PC, a smart phone, hotel PCs or an iPad. Easy access to a virtualized desktop makes staff more productive, all you need to work is an Internet connection from any device, anywhere.

Virtual desktops help reduce the time it takes to provision new desktops, helps to decrease desktop management and support costs. Experts agree that maintaining and managing PC hardware and software accounts for 50-70% of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a typical desktop estate. Companies implement virtual desktops to cut these IT labour costs. As everything is centrally managed, stored and secured, virtual desktops eliminate the need to install, update and patch applications, back up files, and scan for viruses on individual client devices. Desktop virtualization also streamlines management of software assets.

Virtual desktop (VDI) provides greater security to the whole organisation, as employees aren’t "carrying around" confidential company data on a personal device that if lost, stolen or tampered with, would be very damaging to the business. Even more important with the arrival of GDPR General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018, VDI gives access to information while avoiding data being illegally being downloaded or stored on personal devices as the user can only see the data. As data is backed up centrally and regularly, desktop virtualization also provides data integrity benefits. Organisations can also extend the life of older client devices as Cosnadh did for Ageas (see our clients page) with desktop virtualization or use it to support thin clients (dumb terminals).

Today you have choice on where to deploy your virtual desktops - on-premise or in the cloud. We can help you understand what is the best fit for your organisation. Our experience of this technology, means we understand how to select the right model that will provide the most cost-effective fit to your requirements.

Read about how we implemented VDI for Ageas.

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