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Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

HPE SimpliVity - Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Many businesses are hindered by legacy IT infrastructure that isn’t well suited for today’s highly virtualised environments. Disjointed datacentre architectures, composed of independent compute, storage, network and data protection solutions with distinct administrative interfaces are inherently complex and costly. Each platform requires support, maintenance, licensing, power and cooling plus resources capable of administrating and maintaining the elements.

Introducing a new application can be a manually intensive, time-consuming proposition involving a number of different platforms, management interfaces, and operations teams. Standing up new IT services can take days or even weeks. Troubleshooting problems and performing routine data backup, replication and recovery tasks can be just as time consuming.

Hyper-convergence technology allows organisations to remove the need for separate IT components in a typical datacentre with a single building block architecture that is simple, centrally manageable at a virtual machine level and can deliver cost savings over traditional solutions architectures.

As the leading provider of hyper-converged platforms in Scotland, we understand the technology available, the nuances of each and the benefits better than most.

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